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Rosemarys Tranny Magic Sex Change Paige Turnah

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Free Transformation Tranny Video Trailer - Rosemarys Tranny

Rosemary's Tranny - ( Magical Feminization )

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Ed is helping his lesbian friend Rosemary with some paper work late into the evening. Ed confesses his attraction to Rosemary but he is sharply reminded by Rosemary that he is not a woman so it's never going to happen. Rosemary has left her spell book which is found by Ed. Rosemary confesses that she is a witch with magical powers. Ed simply laughs, but Rosemary warns him that he should not mock the science of the dark arts. Ed makes a joke saying if she did have power she would turn him into a woman. Rosemary warns that he should be careful what he wishes for. Ed goes to bed and Rosemary works her magic in turning Ed into a real woman so that they can at last be together.

Staring Paige Turnah, Sapphire Blue and Ed Austin. English language


Running Time 20mins 01sec
Multi Formats WMV & MOV

Only $17.50 (USD)

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