'Girly Boy' Starring Kat Roskilly - A very feminine looking man is crossdressed and feminized by beautiful woman.

This feminine male once crossdressed and feminized IS a beautiful woman.

Dave (played by Kat Roskilly) just wants to be left alone to maintain his powerful motorbike but his sister and her friend have other ideas. After seeing a male model showing off women's clothes on a catwalk and noticing that the magazine are running a competition to find the next girly male, they persuade the girly Dave to take part and wear the prettiest pink dress.

After being convinced to dress as a woman the first stage is make up. Both Holly and Lara apply the makeup to make the best of his feminine features. Next comes the underwear. The pretty pink panties and a matching pink bra complete the perfect picture of feminization.

The girl's are not sure what outfit Dave should wear so two examples are worn by Dave. First is the very pretty pink cocktail dress made from the smoothest of silks and satin. Soon Dave is playing with his long hair and admiring himself in the mirror - just like a girl.

Another outfit is selected, this time perhaps more sissy in nature. But this outfit only makes Dave look more girly than he already is.

Watch Dave become a Girly Girl.

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